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  1. Download all Premium books (+1000 Premium book)
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  4. 50% off on Study Packages

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  • Only 60 US Dollars annually

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  1. muharrem says:

    PayPal website is not working please help me get premium how i dont now

  2. david says:

    how do I know which books are paid books ? (50% off on our Paid book)
    thank you

  3. Adam says:

    Hi Admin,

    I would like to download Scully Medical problem in Dentistry 7th edition. If available in PDF format?

    Please let me know how to buy the premium account. Please email me.


  4. Zainab Thini says:

    Why paybal can not be used in Lebanon??

  5. Dr. A.F.M. Shakilur Rahman.. says:

    I m from Bangladesh.How can I get a premium account?

  6. Karthik P says:

    Hi could you please let me know how it works? I pay through Paypal and how to I get the links after. Do I need to request you every time for the book I need. Or every time I log in I get access right away as a premium member?

  7. Siti says:

    Is it possible to request for ebooks once we are a premium member?

    • Dental Education says:

      You can request books from the following Page (Even for non premium users) and we only will add when we get it
      Getting premium doesnt mean that we will get all books you request
      When you Purchase premium membership you will get only what we have mentioned above in the main Post

  8. Mike says:

    Why do I need to connect my credit card with paypal account to pay for premium mebership, i do not want to do this. How can I avoid this using PayPal?

    • Dental Education says:

      PayPal doesn’t support purchasing via it without making account anymore , You have to make PayPal account to complete the payment and you may delete the PayPal account after completing of the payment

  9. Siti Khadijah Mohd Zaki says:

    I just wanted to leave my testimonial regarding this site. It is by far superior than other premium dental e-book sites, admin and team are swift in responding to requests and has a wide selection of rare and most wanted e-books! I’m going to support this site as long as it’s up and running… Congratulations and keep up the excellent work, admin and team!

  10. Muls says:

    I want to get premium, but as far as I can see there are so many link that already dead, will you fix the link first?

    • Dental Education says:

      Hi Muls
      All premium links are working , and we are currently adding Premium links for all books (That should be done within May )
      Also , if a premium member report dead link ;we add premium link within 24 hour

  11. Dr.Haki says:

    Dear admin
    I really read all the comments posted in here and I checked the books in your website, it is really interesting and worth it.
    I decide to pay for my premium membership tomorrow morning by using Western Union payment in the hope to get my membership as soon as possible.
    thank you
    with highest regards

    • Dental Education says:

      Dear Dr Haki
      Thank you for your interest
      If you paid with Westerunion , you will get the account within 24 hours after confirming the payment
      Please contact us at info@dental-library.com to get the updated Westerunion transfer details

  12. seema says:

    I wanna download nanotechnology in endodontics book…will be able to download the entire book in pdf format if I sign up for premium account

    • Dental Education says:

      Hi Dr Seema, We have replied to your email
      With premium account you will be able to download the books so The answer is Yes you will be able to download that book aswell

  13. Prasenjit says:

    can i buy premium membership through western union transfer from india?

    • Dental Education says:

      Hi Prasenjit
      As far as we know , WesternUnion doesn’t offer sending money from india
      You can register with PayPal or Credit Card

  14. Dr. WALID says:

    can i buy premium membership through western union transfer from KSA ?

  15. memol says:

    great website, great customer service.

  16. prakash says:

    hi once i become premium, member i want to download the clinical periodontology and implant dentistry 6th edition latest by lindhe, . can i permanently download the book in pdf format to my desktop or do i have to login to the site every time i have to read the book. i also wanted to know once i download this specific book, can i copy the content on to work document if i have to make notes??

  17. Haitham says:

    I have master card (Online Visa ) is that ok ? Or paypal ?

  18. karan gupta says:

    dear admin
    I have read the comments posted on your website and checked the books too..
    I must say you are doing a great job, by providing so many great books to your premium members at the same platform..
    so, I decided to pay for my premium membership via paypal on this Monday..
    could you please tell me when I will get my membership if a pay this Monday..i want it to be as quick as possible please
    dr karan

  19. Abdulrahman says:

    Hi, i have a concern, do the books you provide give me the ability to search inside them? In other words, are they written texts that i can search, copy, highlight? Or just images?

  20. Abdulrahman says:

    Another question, if I sign up for premium account, will i get Carranza’s Clinical Periodontology, 12th Edition and Fundamentals of Operative Dentistry, 4th Edition, or i have to pay extra for them?

  21. Abdulrahman says:

    I’m definitely gonna get premium membership! Thank you so much

  22. Dr.muhammad asif mushtaq says:

    Dear dental education,
    i want to purchase the package for mfds part 2.if i will pay today with paypal account,when will i receive the package?
    kindly reply s soon as possible

  23. vitaly says:

    Can i pay without PayPal?

  24. Ahmed R says:

    Is this book real?
    Could you send some screenshot? If it is real, i will buy a membership. Thank you so much!

  25. vitaly says:

    i’ve registered to payoneer but still cannot pay via their service (( waiting for their card and etc ((

    any other way to pay?

    • Dental Education says:

      Hello Vitaly
      You don’t need to register to Payoneer . Just press on the link in the payment request email and complete the payment

  26. Renz says:

    how to pay using western union?


    Corrected mail!!
    Hello there!
    I have registered for premium membership and opted MJDF part-1 course material.
    I have not received the package yet. Kindly look into this matter and do the needful.

  28. Dr. Ragab says:

    Once I buy a premium membership do I get to download the books that I want for free or just access it online or I get it at a discounted price?
    Thank you

  29. vitaly says:

    in my country no paypal service
    can i pau by visa directly?

  30. Shan says:

    If I signup for the premium membership. Can I download the books using I pad?

  31. Hariprasath says:

    i would like to know if i pay the premium i can download any book


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