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MJDF / MFDS / MFD / ORE Part 1 Study Package

 As You know , The key of Success for Passing Exam is to get the Right sources with the Latest Editions , and this is what we did in this Package
This Package is Very Useful For Dentists applying for MJDF/MFDS/MFD/ORE Part 1 exams , All the important books that needed for studying or solving feedback questions are included in the package

The Updated MJDF Package

Price : 50 Us Dollars instead of 100 Us dollars  Till 15th of April 2017
Note : The "MJDF / MFDS / MFD Part 1 Study Package" is Separated from the Premium account membership and not included in it
All the files are Printable , Searchable

Main Study Books :

1-Oxford Handbook of Clinical Dentistry 6th Edition 2014  (Original Ebook)
For Sample > Click here
2.Essentials of Dental Radiography and Radiology 5th Edition By Eric Whaites (Original Ebook )
For Sample > Click here
It includes Updated guidelines about Selection Criteria of Dental radiography according to 2013 Uk Guidelines
3.Master Dentistry Volume One 3rd Edition : Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Radiology, Pathology and Oral Medicine (Original Ebook )
For Sample > Click here
4.Master Dentistry Volume Two 3rd Edition : Restorative Dentistry, Paediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics(Original Ebook )
For Sample > Click here
5.Master Dentistry Volume 3 Oral Biology   (For MFDS/MFD/ORE)
6.Selection Criteria for Dental Radiography - FGDP(UK) 3rd Edition (Scanned PDF)
7.Antimicrobial Prescribing for General Dental Practitioners  - FGDP(UK) 2nd Edition (Scanned PDF)

Main Question Books:

 8.  Best of five For Dentistry By Pastest -  3rd Edition
For Sample>Click here
9.EMQ  For Dentistry By Pastest - 3rd Edition
For Sample >Click Here
10.MCQ for Dentistry by Pastest  - 3rd Edition (For MFD)
For Sample > Click Here
11.SAQ FOr Dentistry by Pastest  - 3rd Edition
For Sample > Click Here
12.PDF version of Online PasTest SBA
For Sample > Click here
13.PDF version of Online PasTest EMQ
For Sample > Click here

Additional books , Advice Sheets and Guidelines:

14 .Churchill’s Pocketbooks Clinical Dentistry, 4th Edition
For Sample > Click here
15.Oxford Handbook of Applied Dental Sciences (Scanned Book) (For MFD/ORE)
For Sample > Click here
16.Clinical Problem Solving in Dentistry .3rd Edition
17.Clinical Sciences Bhatia's Dentogist MCQs in Dentistry with Explanatory Answers 6th Edition
For Sample > Click here
18.Clinical Short-Answer Questions for Postgraduate Dentistry (Scanned Book)
For Sample > Click here
19.Clinical Guidelines & Advice Sheets
To See Content > Guidelines
                             > Advice Sheets
20. Evidence-Based Dentistry - An-Introduction
21. Restorative Dentistry : An integrated approach 2nd Edition
22.Planning and Making Crowns and Bridges 4th edition
23.BDJ Clinical Guide Series
To See Content > Click Here
24.Drug Prescribing for Dentistry August 2011+ November 2013 update
25.Medical Problems in Dentistry 7th Edition
For Sample > Click here
26.Collection of Feedbacks questions from previous exams collected from many candidates 

NOTE: in addition to the package , You can request up to 10  books from Dental-Library.com

After Purchasing Online , You will get a link which has online version of most of the package , in 48 hours you will get Downloadable link of the Full Package to your email 
The Package is Valid to be Used by the one who purchased it Only
Purchasing Online is Available Via PayPal
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  1. Habib Butt says:

    I would like to purchase the package .

    • Dental Education says:

      Hi Habib , To purchase the package please use the PayPal Checkout button in the end of this Page , You will receive the full package to your Email within 48 hours after purchasing

  2. dr.haki says:

    thank you admin for this package of books for MJDF.
    would like to have a premium membership …. is there any discount for members to purchase this package?
    I’ll pay via WESTERN UNION if you don’t mind as PayPal is not allowed in my country.

    • Dental Education says:

      Yes there is 50% Discount ,So Premium membership + MJDF Package will be 85$ US dollars , If you need the transfer details please contact us , Also We can accept Credit card Payment via Payoneer.com

  3. ariel ling says:

    Hello.i already paid via paypal bt i still hvnt receive any link yet.

  4. Abhishek Singha Roy says:

    what is the price for the package…50 us dollar or 85 us dollar? if 50 us dollar then till when this offer is applicable?thanx.

  5. Eman Tawfik says:

    excuse me ,
    80$ offer is still existed?
    and 80$ for thw whole package or for each book? sorry i’m still young:(

  6. Fyn Rou says:

    Hi, I would like to purchase the package, 50USD offer still exist? is there any extra charges?

  7. Youssef ahmed says:

    This study package include exactly which books?

  8. iris says:

    is the discount still available?
    whats the price of the package and the membership?

  9. Dental Education says:

    We can accept Payment directly via Payoneer.com. Please send us email on info@dental-library.com if you want a payment request

  10. Munish says:

    Please inform me present price of package for mfds and premimum membership and what are benifits of premium membership

    • Dental Education says:

      Package of MJDF/MFDS part 1 50USD
      Premium membership + Part 1 package > 85 usd
      With premium membership you can download +1000 premium books and get 50% discount on Study packages

  11. Darwin says:

    Hi! Do I need to avail the premium first before I could have 50% discount on the package?

  12. Khamail says:

    Dear if I will pay money I will receive the books as PDF?.

  13. Mohammed says:

    I want to buy the package is it still 50$

  14. prashant says:

    is the offer us 50 dollor is stil in use?

  15. Faiza Chishti says:

    Pakistan does not have a PayPal facility. How do I pay?

  16. Devarasa Giriyapura Murugeshappa says:

    Hi. I am an existing premium member until April 2017. May i know if there is a combined single package for Premium membership and all study packages?

  17. zameer says:

    is the offer valid so that i can proceed with payment.thanks

  18. Rida says:

    Whats the difference between premium and standard packages? Is the fee transferable through western union or bank transfer?

    • Dental Education says:

      Hi Rida , Both are the same , but of you already a premium member; you will get 50% discount on the study packages


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